Software Tricks I find Useful

I have a never ending list of useful  shortcuts, tips, and tricks I use a lot. Today I wanted to share a couple of useful tips & shortcuts I find useful.   In Sublime Text Wrap Text in a Tag To wrap selected text in a tag, just hit Ctrl-Shift-W and type your tag. Sublime…Continue readingSoftware Tricks I find Useful

A Handy Color App

I just found this app just a couple of days ago. It’s a handy app for the iPhone and iPad. It’s a color app that allows you to capture color from Websites, and images. What’s super neat about this it connects with Photoshop to allow you instant access to the color swatches you create.   Full List…Continue readingA Handy Color App

Speculative Design is Just Wrong

Spec designing can be damaging to anyone’s business. Read this article to find out  Why is speculative design is so wrong. read more here.Continue readingSpeculative Design is Just Wrong