A Handy Color App

I just found this app http://eyedrop.me just a couple of days ago. It’s a handy app for the iPhone and iPad. It’s a color app that allows you to capture color from Websites, and images. What’s super neat about this it connects with Photoshop to allow you instant access to the color swatches you create.


Full List of features via Dribbble Post

What it does:
? Pulls colors from any website’s stylesheet
? Pulls colors from images
? Lets you edit RGB values and save
? Lets you send swatches to your Photoshop with a single tap
? Lets you send swatches to your friends via email as ASE attachments
? Keeps history of websites and images you eyedropped
? Pleases your eyes with a mix of skeuomorphic and simplistic design elements

Another Great Time Waster

I’ve played the game on the iPhone and love it. Now everyone can also play Cut the Rope via your web browser. Interesting fact: Did you know that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team partnered with ZeptoLab to bring Cut the Rope to life in a browser.  
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Speculative Design is Just Wrong

Spec designing can be damaging to anyone’s business. Read this article to find out  Why is speculative design is so wrong.

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