Source Tree

Recently I’ve had to setup some version control software locally to use with the Mercurial version control system. That’s where Source Tree came in. I found this piece of open source software that is free and will work with Mercurial, GIT and SVN repos (repositories). I’ve been using it for a couple of days now…Continue readingSource Tree

Clothes Smell Clean All Day

Recently I bought the new¬†Downy Scent Booster, after trying a free sample. I have to say it really keeps your clothes smelling fresh days after they have been washed. I know I wore a shirt that I washed with the scent booster and it smelled fresh all day long. I really like this product and…Continue readingClothes Smell Clean All Day

Coda 2 & Diet Coda

Panic released Coda 2  at the end of May, along with a new iPad app called Diet Coda. I chose to buy the mac app store version of Coda 2 as it has cloud syncing, as it will be a big help when I do upgrade my mobile platform too. I’ve been using Coda 2 since it…Continue readingCoda 2 & Diet Coda