Zen Drummers

I saw this video from Twitter and thought it was amazing to see people so  involved with making art into music.


New Headphones

Christmas has come and gone, but with all the neat gifts I got like a mini trampoline for fitness, I’m still loving my new headphones. I was gifted the new Hesh2 by SkullCandy and they are pretty good for headphones under $100.00. I listen to music a lot and love the supreme quality of sound these headphones put out. I definitely would recommend them if you are looking for some headphones and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a pair.

New headphones.

Pop-up Song Notifications in iTunes

Did you know that OSX Lion has a secret iTunes feature? Most third party applications already has a feature that pops up the title-artist of the next track. I got this tip from Macworld e-mail newsletter setting up iTunes to display the current or next track right in the dock. Read on to learn how to turn this neat feature on.