To Snow or Not to Snow that is the Question

Winter is almost over and I’m really sad about it too. We have had just a sprinkle of snow, ice and sleet this year. I really wanted to see a full winter full of cold days and wintry weather, instead it’s been a mediocre winter with a sprinkling of snow and a lot of rainy cold days and a good share of warm days too ( I’m taking about 70 degrees Yuck not for winter, but perfect for spring/summer).

I really miss the days when we used to have a decent winter. No, I’m, not talking about a foot of snow, though it would be nice, but just a couple of inches of snow, and it lasting for more than hour. Just enough of the powdery white goodness that was deep enough to go on a sledding journey or even make snow angels or a snowman.


So in the middle of the month it was the one day of the year where I celebrate my birth. Gone are the years I really enjoy birthday parties. Why? I’m just tired of them, as I’ve been having parties since I was 1. This year I took a time out and enjoy a simple day of catching up on reading, and just having a ME day, which I totally enjoyed. Though I missed being around friends and family on my day of birth I think I will spend next years birthday doing an all day ME day followed by an evening of being around the people who matter the most to me.

The Year I Stopped Having Birthday Parties

I am really starting to think  that 2013 will be the year that I stop having Birthday parties. I know you must be thinking WHY!!!!!  Why is because, I rather take the money I spend in putting together a party  and do something else, like travel to a new place or do something I’ve never done before. I rather enjoy the day of my birth doing something that I can make memories from and enjoy it.