Happy New Year

Hoping everyone had a great start off to this new year. For me 2011 was busy, which I’m thankful for. I hope 2012 will continue to be busy, more work and opportunity to work with awesome clients and co-workers.


Today is 11-11-11. Did you make a wish at 11:11am today or plan too at 11:11pm tonight? Does today’s date mean anything to you? I know people are getting married or having babies today, as well as  our Veterans are being remember for their service to our country.  Plus I’ve also seen via Twitter it’s […]

Cut the Cords!

I’ve decided it’s far too long that I’ve let cords rule my desk. I’ve decided to finally go wire free by using a wireless keyboard and mouse. All other wires (power & usb) are nicely tucked behind my desk from view.