Sublime Text

I’ve been using Sublime Text  for a while now. I really am enjoying this text editor. I do all programing/coding in Sublime Text that I don’t do in Xcode or at the Command Line.I’ve switched from using Coda which is also a great text editor too. I actually still use it for some coding work here and there. Why I like Sublime Text is because of the time it takes to start up. It’s  extremely fast and has become my go to editor when needing to edit something really quickly.



A Simple iOS Calculator app tip

I found out about this the other day and wanted to share this incase anyone else didn’t know about this. So far I know it works only with the Calculator app on the iPhone. It might work on the iPad, but I have yet to test this out. Anyhow….in Calculator app Swipe left on the number display to delete the last number entered.

Could You Survive Without the Internet?

Really could anyone these days spend a whole week, day, or month without the internet? I did this past weekend. I decided to challenge myself to spend the whole weekend  not using a computer, or the internet or cell. I stuck with my old staples I used to do way before even owning the computer or being on the Internet.

I went back to pencil and paper to draw, read a lot, listened to old mix tapes, CDs, and dusted off my SNES. Though if my Atari 2600 & NES was still in working order I would have setup those up too. Plus I  getting to go out side for a walk without taking my phone with me, was a great feeling. It was great taking the weekend to become disconnected from the “very connected world” I live & work in. Since the experiment went so well I hope to become more disconnected  in every weekend I am not working…I like the idea of getting back to basics.