Shattered Dreams.

I had hoped to update the blog in a few weeks to say I would be moving into my new home, and start my new job but unfortunately with land issues, and this declining economy that dream came to an end in march. Everything was looking great until I got a call from the realtor to say you don’t want to build here, and I was like why. She said  the land was in a flood zone and others had complained about their foundation was moving due to really bad erosion. So after I found that out, then I found out that my potential job offer was no more as well too.  Plus I knew it was going to be hard to sell a home too, so I put off everything for now and kept looking toward the future. A lot has happened since march, good and bad. I have to look at it this way, Doors closes for a reason, but better opportunities or doors will open up at the right time.