Holiday Madness

I’m not doing anything special for this Thanksgiving, but that does not mean everyone else isn’t either. The stores around this small town are packed and the parking lots are filled. I’m relived that I don’t have go out to any of the stores to get into the mess to do any last minute shopping. I’m sure it will even be worse for Christmas as well.

Not only the holidays can bring madness, but I’ve been overload lately, not only with work, but looking through house plans.  When not working, I’ve been tasked with looking through house plans to find that perfect one, since we are thinking about building a new home next year.

We love our current home, but unfortunately we’ve out grown the home. Instead of looking for a house to buy we’ve decide to just build the one that can be our dream home,  and that we can be happy with for many years to come.

This also means we also might be moving to a new city, town, or even a new state too. I would personally love to move to a new state, since I have lived in NC for a long time.  Hoping 2009 will be an exciting change for us.