Happy & Healthy Living!

As most know I’ve been trying to adapt to healthier a lifestyle to becoming a vegetarian. It’s been a year in the making, but I’m still continuing to reach my goals.  I’ve had a lot of ups and downs  from having surgery last year to losing focus,  but I’ve manged to get back on track and it’s paying off. Since starting back in early 2008 I’ve managed to eat mostly only organic foods and give up processed foods, trans fats foods, caffeine, salt, and any food or drinks with artificial sweeteners.

Since June  I’ve been solely relaying on vegetables, soy products, beans, grains, etc. as a source of protein, fiber, and nutrients. From that I feel great and plus have tons more energy than I did before.  I’m still trying to get more active  by doing yoga, running/walking/hiking to mountain  biking as well. Don’t get to do those things a lot, but  I’m working toward  trying to do more.

It’s been a journey, but one in the end will make me feel better, hopefully live longer and reduce my chances of getting any serious medical conditions that I could face as I get older, since  I have a lot that run in my family.