Ghoolish tricks & Happy Treats

Well, Halloween is over, but not with the tricks though. My PC pulled a nasty trick on Halloween, that turned out to be fatal for the pc. The video card was working great then died. It was a perfect time to fully switch to my mac. I had been wanting to switch for sometime now. So I’m now fully switched to the mac full time now and using my mac for work. I did not want to leave the pc unusable, so I found a slight older card in one of my older computers that was not currently being used. It’s not a dual monitor card like the other one I had, but works great though. I also put in a sound card too for the pc. It had onboard sound, but never had the time till now to finally install the sound card. Even though I had a bad Halloween with dealing with a failing video card, I did manage to save the day by switching finally to my mac.