Celebrating Earth Day 2008

With Earth Day fast approaching what ways are you helping to “save the planet”!This year I was part of Earth Hour by shutting off the lights and electronics in my home for more than an hour that evening.


Along with that, I’m doing my part by conserving energy & water, recycling and using more “earth friendly” products in my home from cleaning to not using harmful pesticides in my garden this year. Plus I’m making that effort to even to use safe and earth friendly products in my home when I start to do some spring remodeling like painting, an other spring tasks that I’ll be doing this summer and spring.

I’m also considering replacing the carpet in my home soon and have consider in getting bamboo flooring instead of traditional flooring. Why Bamboo? Because it not only looks great as floors, but also is a renewal resource too. It takes less time for bamboo trees to grow into adult trees than regular trees like oak, cherry, maples, etc.


So just with a little effort you can also can do your part in making the world/earth a better place to live.