2017, Another New Year

Wow 2016 went by so fast… A lot happen in 2016 that was good and bad. The holidays have came and gone too.  I am looking forward  to 2017.

Tough I have an important anniversary that is coming up this year. This year will mark the 10th year anniversary of my parents passing. I really can not believe that 10 years has past by so fast. Even after 10 years it’s still hard for me on special occasions and holidays, but I cope to make a bad thing into a good thing always.  It’s my goal to make 2017 100% the best year ever despite some things that will come up that I’ll have to deal with, but again I will press on with life.

I am thankful  for my health, having another day in this new year, all of my pets, and thankful for the people in my life that I  call family, and the very best of friends.


Things I Found This Week

I hope to keep this one going each week with a list of items I found on my journeys of surfing the web.

Like this website Paper Planes. https://paperplanes.world/

This website allows people to throw and catch virtual paper planes.

You can see planes thrown and caught from all over the world

Best viewed by your Smart Phone.

Waiting on Forever

It has almost been 10 years since I’ve had a new laptop. 10 years is about the normal time span I wait to buy new computers. My old laptop has been failing for sometime now, but I’ve holding out waiting  on Apple to upgrade the MacBook Pro series.  Since I can’t wait forever for the release I think I will go with a MacBook for now. I like everything about the computer except for just having one USB-C port and the fact you have to use dongles for everything. Actually I’ve have always had iBooks and MacBooks so this wouldn’t be my first one. I would be upgrading from a Mid 2007 ( white) MacBook to a new Space Gray MacBook. Just don’t know yet which spec I will go with.