How to Live Comfortably in 96 Sq Ft of Space

This dream house is the love child of artist-builder Jay Shafer, who lovingly hand-crafted it and started a company building these tiny houses.

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Sweet Smells Coming From My PC

I was just reading this article on and thought to myself what will they come up with next. At least now you can finally keep your office, computer or computer room smelling fresh with these air fresheners for your computer.

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Shooting in the Dark

Sometimes I read the strange or odd news from Reuters: Oddly Enough. Today I found two stories that I found quite interesting and wanted to share.

The first one is about a real estate agent in Texas who is offering clients in law enforcement a free Glock pistol if they buy a home from her.

The other one is about a Texas lawmaker who is trying to get a bill passed that would allow the blind to hunt game just like anyone else.