After my main work pc died on me I finally decided to fully switch to my work mac computer. So far it’s been a great experience. Luckily, all my Hard drives that were in the old computer still works and now I have them setup in another (older)computer that I’m currently using as a file […]

Looking For Mac Software?

I thought this would be a great post to show off the three favorite sites that I like going to learning about new Mac apps to try out. All three listed below are ones I use all the time to look for new software that I can use with my Mac. Cool OS X Apps […]

Getting Things Done

I have not read the book yet, but I’ve been trying to follow David Allen’s concept of GTD(Getting Things Done) online. I downloaded a great program for the Mac called iGTD. iGTD takes some concepts and ideas from the Getting Things Done methodology by allowing you to organize your life by contexts or projects. Plus […]