E-mail Webpages in Mac OSX

Pretty cool if you’re on a mac and want to mail a web page to someone. Just load the website in Safari and hit the keyboard command or just go to File-> Mail Contents of This Page

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A Cool Tip for Mail on the Mac

I recently decided to switch back to Mail, because I like the simple interface the mail program has, but could never figure out how to add multiple alias to one e-mail address. Since I try to be super efficient with e-mail, I only have a couple of e-mail addresses setup for my websites, but use aliases that are forwarded to those e-mails addresses. So with that in mind, I actually found a nice tip at Secret Weapon Labs that gave a short tutorial on how to add e-mail aliases in Mail. Just thought I would pass this tip on, since it helped me out greatly with using Apple’s Mail.

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Post Weather to G-Calendar or Ical

I’ve been looking for a way to add weather to my iCal Calendar and I found this great link on Lifehacker. The tutorial on Lifehacker is straight forward and you can also add weather feeds to your Google Calendar as well.[tags]weather, gcal, ical, calendar, rss,[/tags]