Brewing The Perfect Cup of Tea

I drink a lot of tea and found this Time and Temperature Chart to be very useful for brewing a cup of perfect tea readingBrewing The Perfect Cup of Tea

Software Tricks I find Useful

I have a never ending list of useful  shortcuts, tips, and tricks I use a lot. Today I wanted to share a couple of useful tips & shortcuts I find useful.   In Sublime Text Wrap Text in a Tag To wrap selected text in a tag, just hit Ctrl-Shift-W and type your tag. Sublime…Continue readingSoftware Tricks I find Useful

Detect Display

I work on multiple displays and have one monitor that I have to manually adjust the resolution. Before upgrading I was able to use “detect display” under system preferences > display and it would automatically adjust its resolution to something more bearable than 800 X 600. I noticed after upgrading to Mavericks if I went…Continue readingDetect Display