Blog Action Day: Climate change

Blog Action Day is an annual event that unites the world’s bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day on their own blogs with the aim of sparking discussion around an issue of global importance. Blog Action Day 2009 will be the largest-ever social change event on the web. One day. One issue. Thousands of voices.

Fall is Here

Fall is slowly coming and I love it. Cool weather at night to crisp fall mornings…..So wanting the leaves to change, so I can take a trip into the mountains to capture video and photos of the leaves. Love this time of year. Work has been crazy for me lately as well and I’ve been working non-stop along with pulling all-nighters. Working on a lot of personal projects to a few freelance projects as well. Love being busy like that though. I’ve started back writing over at my Lockergnome blog and hopefully I will be able to start doing a couple of tech articles every week. I hope to be bringing back my podcast again too. Lot’s going on in my world and I’m grateful for all the great opportunities too.

Spring Has Sprung

Spring is here, but does not feel like it. Weather continues to flip flop from being mildly warm & sunny to cold and rainy. I’ve been battling a cold and allergies, which both are due to this crazy weather. Wish the weather would make up its mind.