Warm Christmas

I can’t believe this year it was a warm Christmas. I prefer snow, cold temps, etc. for  Winter & Christmas, so I do not like the spring like temps we are currently having. Even the National Weather Service mentions temperature  records were tied and broke yesterday  for Asheville  due to the seasonally warm weather we are having. After all it…Continue readingWarm Christmas

Birthday Came and Went By So Fast

On a particular day in February named after Saint Valentine is when my birthday is. It’s a day filled with romance and love after all it’s Valentine’s day. This year birthday past by so fast, and that’s because I was sickContinue readingBirthday Came and Went By So Fast

Blog Action Day 2009 : Climate Change

Today is Blog Action Day. It happens every year on Oct. 15, it’s an event that unites bloggers worldwide, to spread the word about a particular issue. This year’s it’s about Climate Change. Climate Change is part of Global Warming and it’s defiantly effecting our environment. They are many ways you can do your part…Continue readingBlog Action Day 2009 : Climate Change