Friends are Amazing People to Have!

I have had a lot of friends throughout my life, but only a  few friends have really stood out.

After highschool my best friend of that time really encouraged me to continue with school and go to Community College. After graduating, I knew I could not be able to go to my favorite schools because of lack of funds and grades. I know the school I really wanted to get into was in Canada and at that time that school did not accept scholarships or financial aid from students who were applying from the US. Plus my parents were not too thrilled to send there 19 year old across the country to another state let alone to another country. Then the 4 year schools I really wanted to go  were too much or I would not got in because of my grades. I admit I was not the perfect A student. So that year after highschool My best friend really encouraged me to find something I would love to do and go to the local community college. Which I did and always appreciated  her advice, because without it I would not be where I am today.

Then later on life just two years ago I went through a terrible time with the“wreck” and my current best friend stepped-up as well as her family and just has helped me out so much. I really don’t know what I would have done without them. I had to move a whole house, go through my parents things, go to many dr. visits, and even prepare to bury my parents, which that in itself was a real challenge, but with their help I was able to get through it all and still mange to stay sane through all of it.

See that’s why friends are amazing people to have, because they will always go beyond the call of duty to help you out when you are in need or need encouragement.