Another Adventure & How Time Flies By

This week is flying past. Sunday was Mother’s day and this was the 2nd year without my Mom. All holidays are hard to get through, but I’m finding that I focus on having fun on Holidays helps me get through the day. This Mother’s day was like no other Adventure Sunday for us. We stopped by my parents grave then went onward to have a fun filled evening in Charlotte. We went to a few places around Pineville and Charlotte and ended up in Uptown Charlotte at Trader Joe’s picking up a few things and then heading off to our new favorite French Bakery Amelies’s in NoDa for another late night snack. T had the Portabella Mushroom & leek Tartines and I had a buttered croissant. I also got one of their gourmet cherry sodas. The food and soda was excellent. Before that night I had never heard of Sprecher sodas, but after doing some research they are a local brewery in WI and they also make a wide selection of sodas and beers. Just wish they had a local retailer that sold their sodas in NC. Love to ditch “regular” sodas for those. A lot better than traditional sodas as well them not having any caffeine either.

All and all we had a great time and can’t wait till this Sunday’s adventure night.