Release Day

iOS 6 is being released today around 1pm from what I’m hearing via Twitter.  A lot of new features in this iOS upgrade as well some native apps we said good bye too like Google Powered Apple Maps and the Youtube app. Good news for people who relied on the Youtube app  as, Youtube just released their own app at the App store. Interested in learning more about iOS and all the news around it? Read more here.


I recently found a neat menu clock replacement for Mac OSX Lion. Day-O is a simple clock-date replacement created by Shaun Imnan. It has a nifty drop down calendar too.

Pop-up Song Notifications in iTunes

Did you know that OSX Lion has a secret iTunes feature? Most third party applications already has a feature that pops up the title-artist of the next track. I got this tip from Macworld e-mail newsletter setting up iTunes to display the current or next track right in the dock. Read on to learn how to turn this neat feature on.