Switch Your Sound Source

Do you have multiple audio devices? You can switch them by doing a option + click on the volume bar in Mountain Lion(10.8). I’ve used Sound Source from Rogue Amoeba for a long time, but unfortunately Sound Source doesn’t work in Mountain Lion OSX 10.8 anymore, but this new feature in 10.8 works great.

A Private Shade

I’m always on the look out for new applications. Recently I came across two great applications ones for security and the other one is for quickly cleaning off your desktop with creating a “shade” effect.

Shade at the Mac App Store

Shade is a neat app from the Mac App store that allows you to hide your messy desktop with the click of a button!



Private Eye

Private Eye is a free network monitor for your Mac. Have you ever wanted to see if any apps were “calling home” or what they were sending out? Now you can with this free tool.