Happy New Year!

I hope in 2014 to return to do more blogging and writing.

Mother’s Day-If Tomorrow Starts Without Me.

Mother’s Day isn’t the same for me anymore,since I lost my mom a couple of years ago. On Mother’s Day after losing my mom, I always try to reflect on happy memories of my mother. I found this two years after her death, while cleaning up her computer that I inherited after her death.

After doing a little digging on the internet, I found this to be a poem or a song that has an Unknown Author. I thought it was perfect way of her telling me good bye and not to worry about her….

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When I’m 64

My mother never liked to talk about her age, but I can’t help thinking about her today. A year before her death in 2007 we talked about and watched the stories about Paul McCartney turning 64. We got on the subject about the song that was playing in the background of the news stories, the one he wrote and recorded with the Beatles for his father titled  “When I’m Sixty-Four”. I joked that when she turned 64 I would play that song for her on her birthday. Today if my mother was still alive, she would have been turning 64. So here to my mother and anyone else who is turning 64 today. I wish everyone a very happy birthday and to share this song with you.